Read CSV file and put data in assign variable

Hey I am building a uipath process which reads csv files and puts the data into variables in uipath. This is an example csv file.

This is how my process looks like:

I dont understand why the Read CSV activity says that my Column(0) is 52 characters long.
Can you tell me what I am doing wrong?

Thanks in advance (214 Bytes)


Can you share your csv file, if possible?


I think I cannot upload .csv files in this forum. Do you want a xls?


I think csv is better. Can you compress it as zip format?


Done (214 Bytes)

can you do these 2 actions before read csv (back up uipathtest.csv first)

  1. read text file (uipathtest.csv) to string variable e.g. txt
  2. write txt.replace(chr(34), “”) to (uipathtest.csv)


it’s because comma is inside double quote and they are recognized as not separator but literal.

One of solutions is to remove double quote and parse it to csv using GenerateDataTable as the following. (2.6 KB)

Hope this help you.