Problem with Read CSV File. I can't find the problem.Please Help!

It throws me this error.
Read CSV: The CSV file format for DemoExcel.csv is invalid. Line 4 contains more values than the header line.

If you are learning UiPath like me we could help each other.
Please write to me.

And this is the UiPath screenshot when it throws error


Probably there are 5 or more items at line 4 in your csv file.
Can you check your csv file using notepad etc?
(or can you share screenshot of your csv opened notepad?)


Why it’s happening like this :frowning:

:neutral_face: :neutral_face: :neutral_face: :neutral_face:

I tried to create a new csv file but the all 4 Rows becomes in 1 row. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your assistance

This is the new csv file.


It seems xlsx format although the extension is csv.
Can you try to change extension to xlsx like “xxxxx.xlsx” and use Read Range activity?


I have put the read range activity. But now it gives me this exclamations mark.
i don’t know what to do :slight_smile:



You need to set DataTable variable in not Workbook property of Excel Application Scope but DataTable property of Read Range activity.


Dear Yoichi
Thank you so much for your assistance. I didn’t realize at first what I’ve done wrong. Finally I solved the problem with your help.

I’m trying to learn UiPath since one month. Actually I don’t have too much programming knowledge. But I really liked this program and I want to learn more. I’m trying to make hands-on training from UiPath official youtube page and edureka and other contents.

If you know some good resources to learn please let me know.

Thanks again
Best regards.

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Unfortunately, I’m not very familiar with good resources in English because my native language is non-English (Japanese). I think you can get it through community include this forum, SNS ,meetups and so on.


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