Format csv file

Hey i am facing issue while formating my csv file. Below is my csv file. (1.6 KB)

This link may help you,

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still facing the same problem


Your data at address1 column in the first row seems "C/O MR, JASWANT SINGH, VILL KADAL P.O KOTI, ATHOORWALA ". However, CSV parser recognize it as 4 data, because it contains 3 commas.

So Can you change the delimiter of CSV comma to tab or semi-colon?
Or you can also get proper CSV if you can have all data surrounded by double quote.


if we copy csv file data into notepad replace ~~ with | than again copy notepad data into excel than with shortcut key Alt+D+E ->select Delimited ->Next -> unselect TAB option and select Other option and in value fild put | then next and finish this process gives us proper data.

So, how can i implement this thing on my uipath process.