Read Column Crashing UiPath


I’m trying to run a column from an Excel file. I used it previously, but when trying to use it again UiPath craches

Steps to reproduce:

I’m attaching XAML file. The second test is the one that it crashes. I’ve tried also to include it the read column in a container, but it says that the file is being used.
TextExcelReadColumn.xaml (9.0 KB)

Current Behavior:


Expected Behavior:

Read column

Studio/Robot/Orchestrator Version: 2016.2.6232. With the same version it has worked for another process with the second test in the XAML file

Last stable behavior:
Last stable version:

OS Version: Windows 7 Pro.
Others if Relevant: (workflow, logs, .net version, service pack, etc):

Can you check if you have the latest excel activity package installed, It might be the issue, I had problems reading a range with the latest one, so I downgrade to the one @aksh1yadav shared.



and this is not looking like a read range error it is something else that is forcing UiPath to crash and one more thing @selrac
you are running this in debugging mode?

I had the same problem running in debbug mode or just running it. Putting the read column activity inside a try catch and run it it crashed also.

I’ve updated Excel package and now I’m getting another error that maybe explain why I had the error before. It is a problem as files I need to work with are xlsb :sweat: Is there a way around this?

Your format is not supported. Uipath right now not deals with Excel binary worksheets.
May be @adrian can give us more info on this.


Thanks Aksh for the confirmation.

It is going to be a tough one as most of the files I need to work on are binary.

Hey @selrac

Sorry for late reply… was really forgot about this.

Well Workbook Activities still are not support .xlsb format but with Excel application scope and its related activities you will be able to deal with such files and data.

If you wants sample as well let me know :slight_smile:


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Thanks Aksh for you reply.

In the end I diverted to use the standard Excel format for the process I was developing.

I’ll give it a try with the Excel application scope



Just test it it for another process I need to use and it works perfectly.



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