Read chinese content written in csv file

I have a csv file. It has some chinese text written in it. I want to copy that chinese text and paste it into another csv file.
Thanks in advance!


Can you try to use Read CSV activity and Write CSV activity with proper encoding (such as utf-8、GB2312, big5 etc.) (in Encoding property)



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Thanks for replying!
I tried the provided solution but its not working. Its still giving ‘???’.
Steps I followed-

  1. created a csv file and copy chinese data from any random site into CSV.
  2. used Read Csv Activity and provided the same values under properties.
  3. used for each row to iterate
  4. Output - ???

please let me know if find any solution.


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Did these threads help you resolve this

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Which tool did you use to paste to and save to CSV file?
It seems the encoding is depended on the tool settings.


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