How to read chinese text from text file

Hi All:

I used “read text file” activity to read a text file. The text file includes Chinese and English, I set the Encoding option in the properties pane “gb2312”, but it can’t read Chinese now, last time it can read, very strange. I had tried “GB18303”, it also failed. Could you please give me some advise?

Thanks in advance !

My UiPath version is 2018.3.2

Hi @Harvey

Could you post a sample project?
Also, please try to update your packages (if they aren’t already) - it might be an issue that was solved already in the newer version of the relevant package.

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Quick question, As we have language packages for read OCR text, similar way is there any packages for read text file? If not how will it detect language before reading it? (if encoding doesn’t helps, machine learning could been applied)
what if we have multiple languages in same file?

(just for discussion purpose, not relevance to any real time example)


use the UTF-8 encoding format