How to read a text file which is non-English

Hi All:

I want to read a text file. It includes English and Chinese. So I use the “Read Text File” , but it only read
English, but it can’t read Chinese. Can you give me some ideas for read Chinses?

Hi @Harvey - Did you try using the Encoding option in the properties pane.
Following URL might be helpful :

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you can use GB18030 in the Encoding property in the Read Text File activity.


@Uthraa Hi , I coded the GB18303 in the here, but it wrong? Can you tell me more details , thanks !

Hi - Are you seeing any error messages.

Thanks ,I have done !

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Hi - Can you let me know how was it resolved.

@pruthvisiddhartha Yes, I used this. But very strange, I can get the chinese words in the variable, but the variable can’t be writed in the SAP …

Can you try pasting the characters in the variable to any text editor that supports both English and Chinese characters.
And also what activity you are using to write the data into SAP.

I have finished the workflow almostly. First I used "Read text file " to read text file which includes English and Chinese. Then I use “assign” to extract the information for some variables. Then I used "Type into " to write the variables to SAP. And the English variables can work fine in the SAP. But it can’t “Type into” Chinese words to the SAP.


Can you check if the SAP application accepts character encoding or not.

I can manually enter Chinese words in the corresponding space. but it can’t be writed by UiPath.


Hi @Harvey - Since the Type Into Activity using the default Keyboard Strokes to enter the text and its not able to find the Chinese characters.

On the TypeInto Activity, can you try checking the StimulateType option and see if it works

Other way to achieve this might be :

  1. Copying All the Text
  2. Pasting All the Text [You can use Send HotKey Activity to perform those action.]

@pruthvisiddhartha Sorry for I am a beginner for UiPath. Can you tell me how to check the StimulateType option and see if it works? By the way, I got the Chinese words by reading the text and cut the string, so how should I use the HotKey to achieve this?
Thanks !

On the properties pane of the TypeInto Activity, you will find a StimulateType CheckBox, you can check it and try.
You can find more information about it here :
Its like using a keyboard shortcut.
Please let me know if you find any difficulty.

@pruthvisiddhartha Thanks !!! 谢谢!Have solved !

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Great and Keep Going :slight_smile:

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