Read and Write Specified Range in Excel File then Loop

Hi, I currently have a bot that reads the range of an excel sheet and inputs it into a form. The form only allows input of 6 rows of data at a time, so I would like to have the bot read the first 6 rows of data and write them to the form, after saving the form open a new one and then read the next 6 rows. I currently have the bot working in all aspects other than being able to read 6 rows of data from the designated excel file at a time and then looping back and reading the next 6 rows following. Thank you

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In this scenario, you can include an “IF” activity with condition (DT1.Rows.IndexOf(row) Mod(6)) =0 .This condition satisfies for every 7th iteration. At that time, you can save the form and open a new form. You can leave the else block as blank and input the data outside the scope of “IF” activity. I hope the below illustration will help you to understand this.

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Thank you for your quick response and help. I am running into an issue where the bot is only reading and writing the first line of my excel table into the form. What I want is for it to read rows 2-7 in my excel sheet. as the first row contains headers, and from there fill out the form and save it. Once that is complete I would like for it to loop back to the excel file and read the next 6 rows and write those to a new form. Thank you