Read 2 GB text file and convert to DT


I have a large size ( 2.4 GB ) text file . I have to read the text file and convert it into DT. I tried the below methods but its taking long time.

  1. Read Text file activity
  2. Assign Activity=> File.ReadAllLines(textFilePath).toString()

Kindly help in this. My main purpose in this project is reading a large text file, loading it to a dataTable, filtering and removing data from DT and writing it to Excel.


Hi @shrayud

After reading the text file, did u tried using generate datatable actvity to convert the text from file to datatable format?


Reading File Activity itself is taking time and I am struck there

And yes I intend to use generate datatable activity after the read text file activity

Hi @shrayud
can u try over this method

Nived N

Yes I tried this too, but still same fate.

Hi @shrayud,

Naturally this will take a long time because you are dealing with such a large file. I think you will just have to give it time to read the info, as annoying as it is.

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