Read text file into datatable


I have a badly formatted .csv file, so I am not able to use read csv, read range (which requires .xls), etc. They all through exceptions when I try to read the file. But read text file works. But how could i get the string variable into a datatable?

The hole file seems to be one line, and the separator is “,”

Actually using Excel application scope and read range works. But the file contains some large numbers which UIpath does some formatting on, and which is not correct.

@finken, use generate data table activity and input your string then give comma as column separator and newline as row separator. Finally output it to your data table variable.

Let me know if you have any concern.

Dominic :slight_smile:

After converting a text file into a datatable using Generate DataTable activity, please tell how can we access the entries of a particular column from this datatable?? Please reply as soon as possible!

Thanks in advance!