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I have a project that i have to scrap 25 mobile phones from both amazon and flipkart to a datatable and merge the datatables and filter the vivo phone from datatable that i merge and from that filtered data table i have to find both cheapest and expensive phones and this workflow should be done in reframework i have done the workflow in normal way but i gotconfusion in the states in reframework when this project is doing can some body help me to resolve ths please

Hi @alan_prakash

Please have a look,


Hi @alan_prakash,

I recommend that you at least get a beginner’s education about REF so that you can understand the recommendations written here.

There are detailed trainings on this subject at Uipath academy. You can follow. Please share with us any errors you get afterwards


i know it but i am confused with the states in which this problem is given

May i know what is the help you require here ?

If you can start the implementation and let us know where you are stuck, i might be able to guide you on the next step.

I want to scrap 25 mobile phones from both amazon and flipkart and write it into a datatable and i want to merge both the datatable and filter the specific phone for example (samsung) from that merged datatable and find both expensive and cheaper phone from the filtered datatable.This project i want to covert itinto the reframework but i am confused with the which states the processes should be given even though i have done some projects in reframework but this project i am confused because of datascrapping

State 1 → Init - you read config file or Assets and intialize data tables if required

State 2 → Process State - 3 Xaml files

  1. Amazondatafetch
  2. Writedata.xaml
  3. Flipkartdatafetch
  4. Writedata.xaml

State 3 → End State

  1. SendEmail

RE Framework is not exact structure or format

It is what we design based on our use case (There is no mandatory for Get Transaction or Open Application in your use case)

so there is no need for the get transaction data i am planning to open browser in the init state and scrap the data but in the get transaction data we need to change the variable type right,that area i got confusion

if you have single target application you can open it in Init but you have multiple application, so better open it in process state

No need for get transaction state

I have multiple application amazon and flipkart i want to scrap data from both the website so u are saying i should start the process from process transaction right?.

Yes alan you have to start application and scrap data and write it on dt

then start second application and scrap data - this time instead write - use append range

I already done this process in normal way i want to convert this into the reframework.I have one more is there is any need to change the variable type in the gettransaction data