Needing help in reframework assignment

Hi everyone. I have just started learning Uipath. I was assigned a practice project where reframework is used.

Data given :-

There’s two excel sheets. One with names and ID numbers. The other sheet has names and email addresses.

Scenario :- (Using reframework)

  1. I must compare both the sheets.

  2. The email address of the names which exists in both the sheets must be displayed in a message box.

I have only 3 hours left to submit this assignment. So kindly someone help me with this.

Thank you :pray:
Screenshot (39)
Screenshot (40)

Hello @jijorhohim98 ,

As you said you want steps and not LINQ, here you go:

  1. Read both the excels and store in datatable.
  2. Loop through first datatable.
  3. Loop through second datatable inside the first loop.
  4. Check if both the names are equal.
  5. Print the email in message box if they are equal.

Here is the sample xaml. You have to use this in Process state as you are using REFramework.
Excel.xaml (9.9 KB)

Hope this helps!