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I have a scenerio that i want to scrap the phones whose price range is in between 20k and 25k from both amazon and flipkart(i want to 25 phones from both the website)and then i want to merge the data from both the data tables that i extracted then i want to filter the samsung phone from the merge data table.From the filter data table i want to check the cheaper and expensive phone and add to cart that phone based on the website(it may be amazon or flipkart if the cheaper is amazon and expensive is flipkart i want to design the workflow that add to cart the both phones in the respective websites).How can i do it i know upto filter the data table and rest i got stucked

Hi @alan_prakash ,

If you know upto filter data table then after filter sort the datatable either ascending or descending. When you scrape the data from the amazon or flipcart get the URL also.

After sorting, run in if loop and open browser pass the URL from the first step where you got during scarping the phones. Then click on add to cart button. Close the browser. This will loop for all the data item in your table.

after filtering i want to identify the cheaper phone and expensive phone from the filtered datatable from there i want to add to cart the respective cheaper and expensive phone from the website that type of workflow i have to create

Hi @alan_prakash ,

You can find cheaper or expensive my sorting the price.

What are the data you are extracting from amazon and Flipcart?

mobile phones in the range between 20k to 25k i have one doubt after finding the cheaper and expensive how can we add the item to the cart based on the website

@alan_prakash , While data scraping you have to get the Extract URL also. So when you do inside for each loop you can directly navigate to the product url and can do add to cart action

You should get the urls as shown below

can u elaborate it

once you apply the filter you have to do sort table so in orderwise it will give you cheaper by order and if you want to compare with flipkart then you can use lookup table for get particular value then compare it self

i dont want to comapare i have done upto filtered datatable but i have to find the cheaper and expensive phone from the filtered datatable if the cheaper phone is flipkart do the workflow based on that website ,same is with amazon.i have to checked the condition thats what i get cofused

then use sort table it will give you answer

in sort table there option for descending or ascending order by that you can get lowest one or highest one

Hi @alan_prakash,

Can you share the data you engraved, let’s see how we can sort it?


Amazon.xlsx (8.9 KB)
Flipkart.xlsx (8.7 KB)
I have data scapped from these two website my scenerio is that i have to merge these two datatables and filter the specific phone that is samsung from that i have to find the cheapest and expensive phone from filtered data table and add to cart that phone(cheaper and expensive) based on the website it may be both flipkart and amazon.for example In the filtered data table if the cheaper one is in the flipkart i have to do the workflow to add to cart that particular phone in flipkart and if the expensive one is in the amazon i have to do the same as i mentioned above i want to build this workflow

would u get the solution

Hi @alan_prakash,

If you define the excels you share as path, it will give the results you want. I hope that will be useful.

ascendingDTExcample.xaml (8.9 KB)


can u share the zip file xaml fil cant open

Of course. @alan_prakash, (1.7 KB)

Thank u let me check it

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file is not opening i dont know what happened can you share the main file in a zip format

Hi @alan_prakash , Sorry i’m pretty occupied in some production issue. If your problem not solved today then will hep you tomorrow.

Can u please share the main xaml file in zip form that file u sent cant open