RE: How to resolve the Issue of Service Unavailable in UI Path icon on Application tray

After creating machine and Robot in Orchestrator,when I hover mouse on UI Path icon(Red icon) it’s display message Service is unavailable.

Also when I click on Settings,all the fields(Orchestrator URL,Machine Key) are disabled

I am using community edition of UIPath.


Does anything change when you open Studio ?

You have only community edition installed, right ? Can you please check that there isn’t anything in C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Studio folder (if it exists at all)?

Can you please open taks manager and see if this process is running ?


If not, please open ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES (type this after pressing the Start key of windows) and see if this variable is present in any of the 2 lists of variables:




I checked and saw that UIPath User Service was not running and that I do have files in the Studio folder and that the UIPath user service path variable is present in my environment variables but I still have a service unavailable.
What can I do to fix this?

Thank you,

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And where does the variable point to ?

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I have the same issue and the service is not available for me to start in services.

@andreiT I am facing the same issue. I checked service is running on Task manager and the Environment variable is also available.

Please let me know a solution for this.

@andreiT I am also facing this same issue, when I open orchestrator settings everything is disabled and I am unable to edit.

Hi all,
Please check the following things if you have this problem:

  1. That you do not have both enterprise and community versions installed - check add remove programs to see how many UiPath instances you can find in your computer (should be just 1)
    This needs to point to a user service file that exists in your valid installation folder
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