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Hi All ,

I create Dispatcher project to upload data to queue , and i get problem in get transaction data framework and the process .

The problem is the process not end or finish i mean when all process finish from the process framework it is go again to get transaction data framework and thean again back to process and add other data , it is not stop.

i think the problem is from the get transaction framework but i can’t identity what is the error this is the get transaction data.

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can any one help me , Thanks

Pass your extract workflow in Init state and assign extracted data table output to Transaction Data and in Transaction data pass it to Transaction item.



Hi @coder

Yes the solution provided by @hasib08 is correct.

Just to add on that, in such situation just debug and see the variable value in Local panel and you’ll understand the flow of process. Condition needs to be tweaked so that it can stop after all the queue items are processed.

RE Framework uses the Transaction item from Queue by default, so all the conditions are based on that. So make sure all your created variable are later assigned to correct default variable of RE Framework to make it work as expected.

Hope this is of some help.


Hi @hasib08

so you mean i put the extract workflow in Init yes ?

Sorry, I did not understand well can explain with example or i can share with you the project if it possible

Hi @rahulsharma

Thank you , but I did not understand well

can give example or if it possible can i share with you my project

thank you

Sure, you can share the workflow here. @coder

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Thank you @rahulsharma

@rahulsharma can you please see the project


Hi @coder

I saw that you have “Add transaction Data” workflow in the process transaction.
That means the dispatcher is in the process transaction state.

You need to upload the items to Queue in the Init state, so that in the get transaction data state all of the queue items can fetched one by one and processed. This will be the correct approach.

So just change the workflow so that the part which is uploading the items in Queue is placed in Init state after “Invoke InitiAllApplications workflow”.

In Get Transaction Data state, assignment of queue item to local variable will be taken care by RE Framework.

Just in Process transaction make sure to assign the transaction item’s data correctly to required activity. Again debug the things and observe the local panel, you’ll get a clear understanding of everything easily.



Thank you @rahulsharma

I will try do that

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