ReFramework error

Hi whenever Re-Framework ends it gave me this type of error-Error getting transaction data for Transaction Number: 1. ProcessABCQueue does not exist. Error code: 1002 at Source: Get transaction item.Will you pls tell me why this error occurs.
Thanks in advance.


I think you have not given the Exact Queue Name.
And 2nd thing you can check there is item Added in the queue or Not.


in get transaction data state you are getting error please check the queue name

Hey @guptasweb

You are using the framework without queue ?

Kindly confirm.


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i guess so…what is queue in Re Framework?

Okay let me put it in a different way.

Is your code currently works in ReFramework and where did you place it ?

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where did you place it means?

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You said there is some code in your ReFramework which is working fine but only at the end you are getting some error ?

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yes you are right

Okay perfect.

Do one thing, create a queue in your orchestrator with name ProcessABCQueue

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actuaaly its a client code, thats why i can’t add a queue.

Could you pls tell me the reason of this error? bcz there are many bots which are running on Re-Framework and all this bots throw the same error.

Ok Adding a queue is anyway not a good solution.

The issue is due to the missing queue.

You can comment the GetTransactionItem please.

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From the main workflow?

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Get Transaction Workflow.

Comment this activity?

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Go inside that please.

After that what to do?

Comment the GetTransaction activity!

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Hello @guptasweb

Please execute the process in debug mode and check in which activity the process is failing. Then check the property of that activity for easy debugging.

As per the error which you have shared, you are using the queue based automation in the ReFramework and the queue is not available. You can go to set transaction state and check whether the queue name is provided and the queue is created in the orchestrator.

You can open the config file in the datat folder as well to check the queue name.

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