Getting error in Queue adding

Hi everyone,

I’m getting below error when i try to add data to queue using bulkaddqueueitem activity

Bulk Add Queue Items: Error creating Transaction. Reference is required for Unique Reference Queues. Error code: 1850

While creating queue i enabled enforce unique references

What is the issue here

Hi @Learner007

You have enable unique references in the queue, and the value you are passing in the reference section while adding item to the queue, for some of it, it might be the same.
hence this error, can you sare the properties screenshot of the bulk add queue item activity that you have filled


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with the setting of Unique Reference to true (Queue Definition) the Reference of the added Queueitem has to be assigned and cannot be null / empty

Hi @adiijaiin and @ppr ,currently I’m using RPA challenge data for testing. As my current project is similar and i haven’t used Queues full fledged till now. The reason why I’m adding Unique references is that if my bot fails and if it re run it shouldn’t add the same data again in queue right. Is this the correct approach or any alternate way or any suggestions how can i achieve this for not adding same data again.

EDITED and rephrased:

The retry mechanism is also available if no unique reference = true has been configured. It is performed internally by UiPath/Orchestrator and also knows the chain of failed and new tried items.

Adding a QueueItem by code/developer/manually in the Orchestrator is blocked for empty/duplicated references of QueueItems if Enforce Unique Reference is set to true.

hi @Learner007

Can you try enabling the property continue on error, and then run the bot?
Hoping that you have passed a column value or something unique in the reference property for each item.

There’s a property called as commitType can you set it to ProcessAlllIndependently as well.

My suggestion would be to loop through all the records and use add queue item activity and pass the reference column name which is unique. Because I’m unable to see any property for passing reference in the bulk add queue item.


Thanks @adiijaiin and @ppr , i will try the steps which you have mentioned

And my question here is RPA challenge data is not having any duplicates but why it is showing error for unique references


May be your queue contains already the same data which you would have already added


Hi @Anil_G I’m creating new queue specifically and trying to upload the data.


Depends on what reference you are using as well…just recheck it properly and check on the queue as well

And as per initial error message your reference looks empty


as mentioned above - reference cannot be null when set Enfore Unique reference = True

Hi @Anil_G is there any option where we can identify whether the process is Run by manual trigger or scheduled trigger.


In Orchestrator under jobs it would display for each line if it is manual or scheduled


@ppr ok got it. Is there any option that whether the process is Run by manual trigger or scheduled trigger. Based on this i can eliminate upload data to queues second time using some True or False Condition.

@Anil_G is there any option that i can identify this in studio and setup it as true or false condition because if it’s manual trigger i will eliminate uploading data into queue.


You can use a input parameter to main file and set it to true or false depending on your need


@Anil_G how to setup this


When triggering you can pass the input argument from orchestrator


@Anil_G can you explain me in some detailed or any documentation available for this. Seriously i haven’t used Orchestrator till now this is the first project with that. That’s the reason I’m having lots of doubts and fear.

first of all we recommend to scope a topic = 1 case and not mixing up. So just create a new topic for your second question

has risk to become a XY Problem

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