Can Uipath Community version connect to Orcherstrator

I tried to use UP community version connect to Orchestrator. but there is a message “Robot Unavailable”.
can someone help?


Welcome to the UIpath Community.

Have you provision the machine and Robot properly or not ?

Could you please help me with Robots and Machines page screenshots in Orchestrator then we can help you better in this.

sorry I can’t upload the image for my company policy.
do you mean that the community version Uipath can also connect to the orcherstrator( too?


Now orchestrator community version was migrated to

Hi @111105

As @lakshman mentioned the orchestrator is not in a cloud platform. You can sign in to your service there. Once logged in under services page you will see your existing orchestrator service. Navigate to it through the link there.

Once you are in the orchestrator configure and connect it with your robot. To do that do the following steps

  1. Create an environment
  2. Create a machine - machine name you provide should be the same machine name that you see under your local robot settings
  3. Create a robot and add the robot to the machine and the environment you created.

When creating the robot it will ask for a username and password. Open your command prompt and type “whoami”.
The name it gives is your username. Add it along with the domain name as it shows. For the password give the password you use to login to this account

This will work :slight_smile:

Let know how it works

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I fixed the problem follow your advice.
Thanks a lot !