RDP / virtual machine automation fails on disconnect

I have studio licence installed on virtual windows machine.
From my PC I connect to virtual machine using RDP method.
I develop and successfully run processes with studio robot.
Once I disconnect from virtual machine I get a windows message informing me that processes will continue to run. However not all launched processes work while session is disconnected.

Simple process like open and close browser appears to run correctly, but other activities such as typeInto or sendHotkey fails to execute and I get an exception.

I don’t have orchestrator.
I have tried Launch Workflow Interactive method.

How can I ensure that Uipath process will continue to run flawlessly once I disconnect from virtual machine?

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Check if those activities have Simulate or Send Window messages option checked in their property field.
If not, check them and retry.

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Send Window messages will works in the background…

In the articles below it is explained that Simulate and Send Window messages work in the background execution, however these methods are not compatible with all applications, also some methods like OCR do not work on background execution.

Is there a way to use ALL input/output methods (such as Input Default or Output OCR) on disconnected session automation? In other words, Is there a way to modify windows session so all UiPath processes would run not in background? In other words, How to avoid background execution on virtual desktop disconnected session?

You need a graphics card for VM desktop. Other wise do RDP and make a tiny window on your PC and leave it in minimize mode while execution into VM. That as an alternate.
also, please remember, background automation will not work for OCR engine or Intelligent OCR.

Thank You for answers, let me share what UiPath support has to say:

Issue Description:
Scenario where UI interactions fail when the RDP connection is closed.

The UI interactions not working when the RDP is closed would be an expected scenario, as the Robot would be triggered from a particular UI session, which will get lost if the RDP is closed. This would make the Robot also loose it’s UI due to which, UI based activities would not work. As experimented, using “Simulate” and “SendWindowMessage” based interaction modes are direct application interactions, which will not use the UI and are recommended when the UI of the element are not available, but still not compatible for all applications, as all the applications will not have all the standard interaction modes exposed or available. If in case it is being looked to execute interactions when the RDP is minimized the steps referred in Executing Tasks in a Minimized RDP Window can be given a shot. If it is being planned to run an automation, with the RDP kept closed, then the supported mode of execution would be an unattended scenario with Orchestrator.


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