Desktop has been disconnected while performing UI action - Launching a process via an RDP using a VPN

Hello everyrone.
I’m working on a project with our client, and I have encountered an issue when launching a process.

The process is an attended one, and it is launched from a Virtual Machine using RDP.

In the VMs, the internet access is provided from the client.
When we launch the process from my PC, using the RDP (while beeing connected to the client VPN), we do not face issues even if we disconnect my session (on my PC, not the VM).

Hovewer, when our client launches the process via the RDP, but without the VPN, the robot will some times face this error : Desktop has been disconnected while performing UI actions

Is this normal? Is it possible that when the VM wifi = PC wifi, and we disconnect the PC’s session, it will stop robot?
Thank you very much in advance


Has you client connected to VPN and tried running the automation?

Hello, they can’t connect to the VPN.
The VPN allows us to access their network, but since they’re already connected to that network, they do not need to use the VPN

if the process not running in background then you should login vm on a machine and need to make some changes in the machine in which you are logging in the VM

just follow this steps it should work

first you need to login VM on a machine then start the process and minimize the rdp session after making changes in regedit by following above method

Hello, this is done already, the process is running perfectly while beeing minimized. It justs that after an certain amount of time, the robot stops…

error appearing while VM is connected?

or its appearing when VM got disconnect

It appears while beeing connected to the VM

you can try login VM on one machine and start the process. Do not open VM on any other system while process is running

multiple users are trying to access VM while process is running?

On this particular machine we only have one user available, so it is only possible to have one user loggen in at the time

no no

for example i have logged in the VM and started the process
till the process end VM should be logged in on my system only

if any other opened the same VM it will through the error as i know

In this scenario you are facing error, right?