Information On Different States Of 'Login To Console' Robot Settings

Information on different states of 'login to console' Robot settings.

Refer to the below table to get a detailed comparison between each of the states,

Login To ConsoleExplanationWindows Session
DisabledThe Default setting, is the same as Enabled & YesConsole
Enabled & YesEnables the Robot to connect to the console session of the machine where it is installed.Console
Enabled & NoThe Unattended Robot creates an RDP session when executing a process. This permits to use different robots in the same machine with different users at the same time( High-Density Robots )FreeRDP

Windows SessionsExplanationWin workstationsWin Server
FreeRDPThe robot creates a virtual remote desktop session on the running machine. To connect the robot to her FreeRDP session.There can only be one FreeRDP session active. This means that on that machine he can only run one robot at a time. When the execution completes, the session is disconnected so that another robot can start the session on that machine and run the processNot only is there one active FreeRDP session per user on that machine, but the same user can have multiple sessions. This means that multiple robots on the machine can run processes at the same time for each user. In this scenario, it is also possible for the robot to run multiple processes for one user in multiple sessions. However, they must not use hardware events (such as UIAutomation activities).
ConsoleThe robot connects to a console session. Only one console session can be active on a machine at a timeSame behavior

Same behavior

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