Orchestrator Robot Config: Login to Console?

I would like to understand the difference between login to console YES vs. login to console NO.

I understand that using the console session means only 1 robot can run simultaneously; if multiple robots may run jobs on the server, you should use RDP (Remote Desktop Connection, in Windows parlance) to connect.

But technically speaking, what’s the difference? Why is there even an option here on a Windows server? Why wouldn’t you just ALWAYS select “login to console NO”?

Put another way, is there a BENEFIT of using the console over RDP?

Did you get the answer to this question ?
Please look into the below link if it helps.

Though i only half understood from the link.

I’m answering this for those who found this through search(it was one of the top items)
Its more about policy rather than benefit.
Unattended robots are sometimes ran on user OS such as Windows 10, rather than servers.
If customer cannot configure what is required to do self RDPing(When LoginToConsole is False, the RDP session is created within the machine. I learned this through working at UiPath but you can RDP to the same machine if the user is different, RDP is NOT between orch and robot). In such case console session is used.
For server machines only one console session can be created while multiple RDP session can be created. So to run multiple robots simultaneously with windows server logintoconsole=false(RDP) is the only option.
Since session start and termination can be better managed as RDP, issues that occur when session is console maybe fixed when we change the config to false (RDP).