Simultaneous console sessions for unattended bots

We just had a clash between two unattended processes which caused the process on bot2 to sit pending until the process on bot1 finished (both bots are on the same server).

I believe it’s a requirement that unattended bots are set to use the console. Given this, how can we avoid the clash? There is no point on even having two bots on the same server if they can’t both run at the same time.

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Hello @Craig1

Which console it is trying to use by both bots? Can you share some screenshot of the screen and explain what the 2 bots are performing.

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Both bots are browser processes and are set Login to Console = true.

Under what conditions is Login to Console = true required for an unattended process? Maybe we can set one to false to alleviate this problem if only one bot at a time is allowed to use the console.

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Actually I just discovered that both robots are set Login to Console = false.

Now I am even more confused about the queueing.

Just go through the below doc.

Hi @Craig1,

You connected the robots with different users, right?


Yes they use different accounts.