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I need to provide a range in write cell activity for the excel which has columns as intergers like 1,2,3,4

Usually we have columns in alphabets so that we can provide easily by A1,A2 like that but in this scenario we have the columns and rows both are in integers . Kindly suggest

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Hi @srujanch,
A1,A2,A3,… are column indexes irrespective to their values . So, we can use A1,A2 for index values.
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Likith Rajesh

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Thanks for the reply,

But that’s not working. I have given F7 in write value but that’s not writing anything in the excel

Please Refer the attachment.
If you found it correct mark this as solution .May be it will helpfull to others.
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Likith Rajesh

If still you are facing issue share workflow for reference,
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Likith Rajesh

Let me explain you briefly
—WRITE CELL activity usually takes cell range and input value to be written to the cell and the sheetname, when placed inside a EXCEL APPLICATION SCOPE ACTIVITY
—so for input we can mention in between double quotes as a string and sheet name as well where to be written
—while in cell range we can mention “A1” or “C7”
Or any range we want and it doesn’t have any impact on the column name I.e., it won’t rely on the column header it may be either letter a word or a number
—because we are not going to mention that one In The cell range of write cell
So in write cell activity if the cell range is mentioned exactly where we want followed by the Sheetname where we want to be written within the cell then it would work for sure, as column headers takes a big impact only when we are using a for each row loop or an assign activity when mention the column name like this row(“yourcolumnname”).ToString

Hope this would help you
No worries if that doesn’t work kindly share the screenshot of write cell activity and it’s property panel

You were almost done
Cheers @srujanch

Good evening @srujanch,

Does the solution in this post resolve your issue?

Also, this snippet is available in UiPath GO:

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