Column number parameter in excel activities (Read range, write range, etc)

In excel activities, particularly in read and write activites, there is no provision to provide column number instead of column name. This is becoming difficult while particularly writing datatable in excel w.r.t to another column. For example, if we’ve a refernce cell C12 and we need to write a datatable after 14 columns in same row, it can be said to be a difficult one. Many solutions in the forum pointed towards using a alphabetical array so that index can be used to point out the corresponding alphabet. But this can be tedious if column reaches two to three alphabets like AF, PR, etc. Had it been column number in those activities, we can simply add the difference to the column number of reference cell. I’ve used winautomation and this feature proved to be particularly useful. Also front end excel actions like set active cell can be introduced which would definitely help while working with add-ins.

I was struggling with this issue just recently.

Finally I came to the following expression to convert inxe to name:
(chr(64 + cint(Math.Floor(intColIndex/26))) + chr(65+((intColIndex Mod 26)))).ToString.Replace("@","")

It might be enough if Excel package exports functions that could perform this conversion.