Radio button data

Hi Mates,

I have a case where I have 3 radio buttons and if the a radio button is enabled, I have to extract the text of enable radio button. Kindly help me with the resolution.

Thanks in Advance,

Hi @gokavarapunaga.jagad

you can try “Get Attribute” to check if the button is enabled.

Would this help?

Yeah I will try that. If the Radio button selection changing everytime then will it work?


i’m not sure. you check the status of the button or you can check various attributes. and if it changes then it should have a different result.

Unfortunately you have to try it out. i have only used it once.

Okay Sure Mario, Will try thanks for the response

Hi MarioHerrmann,

I have tried get attribute but it is working for a single case and it is not showing the proper output when a different one is selected, Kindly help if there are alternatives,

Thanks in advance,

Okay I summarize again that I understand it correctly.

You have 3 radio buttons

You want to see which one is active and then read the text for the button accordingly

Text 3

The procedure is a switchCase where you of course check the attributes of all buttons one by one and then jump into the case when a button is active and read out the text.

Where is the exact problem?