RadioButton Fetching the whole value Error


I am supposed to get the radio button activated value, i am using get attribute activity, i am selecting the the UiElement of both yes and no together, and i am giving the “aaname” as attribute in the properties, but i am getting “Yes No” as output value, how do i get the only radio button clicked value, if nothing is clicked between them , it should return blank value, i have added the attachment for reference.


Refresh the page take the selector of the same with radio button on yes now check what is the value of idx
Do the same while radio button in on no

And send the idx value

Remember to refresh the page before getting the selector

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Idx value is not changing even if i refresh it n times, i tried to send the idx value in the attribute property, its returning the blank value

Fine while selecting element from get attribute activity we can select any one radio button and check for its value whether it is enabled or not
Is there any reason to select them both together
If not any such we can select the yes radio button alone check for the aastate or Aanand attribute
Cheers @Santhosh_Hyd

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i want to get the clicked value, thats y i am selecting both at a time,if i select one at a time and send “aaname” in the property , its jus returning the “Yes” or “No” even if it is not clicked, if i can check the radio button active status one at a time also fine for me, can you share a sample workflow how to do it?

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You can use “Get Attribute” Activity, indicate the selector to one of the radio button “Yes or No” say “Yes”. In the activity where you enter text, from the dropdown select “checked”. If the value of “checked” is true that means “Yes” is selected.
You can do the same to check if “No” is selected.

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Then we can use get attribute as suggested by @Anmol_Yadav (Shubhi - welcome to uipath community) and select the individual element as selector and try to get the value of checked attribute whether it’s yes or no which would tell you it’s value which one is selected

Hope would help you

Cheers @Santhosh_Hyd

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Thanks for the reply, both of u, i tried with ur suggestion, but i got an error , please check the imageopcofinal

Try using IE and not chrome. Also, when indicating on screen for selector, indicate on the radio button not the whole text as well.
Um, can you show the selector?

Hi Shubhi, i am using IE only, i tried with all three cases, first whole UiElement, , then Yes only, and then No only, above one is for NO, i pasted the selectors above, please each case, i am getting the same error, do i have to change anything in the selector or properties?

Using UIExplorer, check whether this selector is valid or not. Try getting a selector from UiExplorer.
Or if you can share where you are trying, i can help better.

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Check this.

its giving the click on radio button while i want to fetch the value or get the status of the radio button

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I have created an activity to get the value of the radio button. would you like to have look?
it worked for me can upload if you want

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please do it…