How to get the radio btn name what it selected on macro user form?

Because I want to compare whether it selected the correct radio button.
I try to use “get attribute” activity, but it can’t get button name what it selected.
Please give me any ideas.

Hello @tomo007
Try get attributes
Title or aaname

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@pratikg is right. I’d suggest using the uiexplorer to check what attributes are available.

The property explorer panel shows all the available attributes, in this example the attribute checked indicates whther or not it’s checked.

So in this case you would use the get attribute activity with the string “checked”.

If you cannot use the get attribute activity you could always use the image exists activity. Use an image of a selected button, the result is a boolean and so will be true if a selected button image is detected

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I try that way and it run correctly. Thank you so much.
@pratikg @Ellboy

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