Radio button

Hi i have a requirement to select value of a radio button , how to achieve these ??

Ex :

  • red (red is selected then extract value (red))

o white

o blue

Thanks in advance

HI @balu,
Refer this.


radio button already selected bot need to extract value of selected radio button

Hi @balu,

Try get attributes

Title or aaname

You may get the value.


how to use get attributes ??

Hi @balu,

Get attributes activity

Pass the same selector of the radio button.

Try aaname or title you may get the value.
Refer this link


Hi Arivu96,

Its showing the same value which we captured, even if different value is selected.
since its a dynamic one need to capture different value for each transaction .
how to achieve these ??

@balu Attached an XAML. You need to get the aaname attribute using GetAttribute.Main.xaml (5.6 KB)

need to extract dynamic value ??

@balu Yes the selector checks for the Selected class in LI tags. In your case find out how the HTML distinguishes the selected option (usually it will be by a css class).

I have tried but it gives the same value which is while capture, value is not changing.

Show your Selector here, let me checkā€¦

These the selector im using to fetch, i need title from second window.
so when i capture blue radio button i am getting the value blue but in next transaction the radio button is red, but here i am getting same blue value as output value is not changing.

For Radio Button I have Assign Radio button then Pass Click and Change Selector mean while when I am Run the Program then Focus On Radio Button but Click is not Performed. I am trying using Click Activity but it give me error and While I am Using Get Attribute then I am Stuck.please give me suggestion For that.I am Beginner in UI path


If you have created the radio button using Options in Input dialog activity then you can create a variable in the property window.
For demo you might follow this tutorial :