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Q.1: Correct answer will be Option D. It waits for the value of a specified UI element attribute to be equal to a string.

Q.2: Correcr answer will be Option B (DelayBetweenPagesMS - The amount of time, in milliseconds, to wait until the next page is loaded)

Q.3: Correct Answer will be Option A (Since it’s not programmatically wrong but just defined to be said so by the user, a BusinessRuleException will be thrown)

Q.4: Correct answer will be Option A. Instead of Employees - 123456 & aaname - 123456, since only the ac number changes, {{accountNumber}} variable has been introduced.

Q.5: Correct answer will be Option D. If the custom rule only needs to be available at the project level, that package can be directly installed in the project as a dependency.

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  1. Option C
    Explanation: The On Element Appear activity waits for a specified element to appear on the web page before proceeding with the next activities in the workflow.

  2. Option B
    Explanation: The DelayBetweenPagesMS property in the Activity Project Settings controls the delay between consecutive pages when using activities that involve navigating or interacting with multiple pages, such as web scraping or extracting data from multiple pages.

  3. Option A
    Explanation: This condition represents a business rule within the process, where the attachment type is checked and a specific action is taken based on that condition. Business exceptions are user- defined.

  4. Option A

  5. Option D
    Explanation: When a developer wants to make a custom rule available only at the project level in Workflow Analyzer, they should create a NuGet package (.nupkg) of the rule. By installing the NuGet package as a dependency in a specific project, the rule will be available and applicable only to that project.

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