Getting Error Using On element appear activity

Hi Team,

I have tried using on element appear activity and checking whether the scrapped element appeared or not.
when i am trying to use the scrapped element in if condition i am getting below error.
Error: Complier error(s) encountered processing expression “Element_Appread” value of type ‘uipath.core.uielement’ cannot convert to ‘Boolean’.

Can you please help to resolve this issuse.



You can use the ElementExist activity for getting the result in boolean.

Try this and let me know

Hi ,
My query is like we will be login to autosys tool and need to check whether the job status is available or not.but it will take some considerable time to load the page after entering the job name . So earlier i have used delay activity and waited for 1 minutes.But some times the page will load with in 5 sec or with 25 sec.So it is wasting time, kindly help us for this.

Your observation is absolutely correct. As @abu.behlim suggested you can simply use EE activity and increase the TimeOut(ms) property in the activity.
By default, every activity will get timed-out after 30secs. So you can customize the time-out property according to your requirement.

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