Queue, You are not authorized Error Code: 0

Hi everyone,

starting few days ago I am getting this error message when trying to add item to queue.
Only in unattended mode (debugging mode from studio works fine)

I have checked the permissions as proposed in other postst and they are fine.
I have checked the UiPath database and it is fine as well. Also no other bots are affected by this issue.

Any ideas?

Hi @nicortak

In attended mode you are running fine maybe this is because of the folder of the Queue is correctly selected.

If that is the case then to run In unattended mode also you need to specify the correct folder path and check

Hope this may help you


Hi @nicortak ,

Could you maybe check on the below posts which highlight similar issues :

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Check if the Orchestrator certificate change recently if you are using an On-Premise Orchestrator.


Check if the unattended robot is having the same version as the one from Studio.

Check if the Unattended robot has these roles if you are using Modern Folders:

• Allow to be Automation User at the Tenant level


• Automation User at the folder level (in the folder where the process is present)

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thanks everyone - apparently the database was full, which is weird because it didn’t affect all robots but cleaning the database did the job.

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