Queue with attended robots

Is it advisable to use orchestrator queue with attended robots as such robots would be triggered by human users based on their convenience rather than scheduled.

Yes. You can use queues with attended as well as unattended robots.
Queues are to store the work items to process by robots. Doesn’t matter if it is attended or unattended.

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Thanks @KarthikByggari for the response.

I am aware that we can use queues with attended robots but my question is whether it is best practice to use queues with attended robots as robots would be triggered by human users based on their convenience. Queues are ideal to use with unattended robots to achieve distributed processing and scaling up by multiple robots but how queues would add value with attended robots.

If it’s best to use queues or not depends on the process and not if it’s attended or unattended robot/process.

It’s a good practice to use queues when you have a process that requires human validation, for example for checking/correcting the OCR result. You can have an unattended job that runs during the night to extract invoice details using Abbyy Flexicapture, but not all fields/invoices have been digitized with high reliability. The fields/invoices with the result below the threshold needs to be verified by a human agent.
For that, we can have an attended process that is run on demand, when the user has time. The unattended process will put the items with low quality in a queue and the attended process will fetch items from queue to be verified by the human agent.

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