Added Items to queue. Does it require Robot to run?

Hi ,
Created a workflow in Studio and added items to Queue.

My Doubt is like should I need to Create any Type of Robot in Orchestrator in order to execute my processess from studio or will it take any type of Robot ?

Thank u.

Use unattended in order to run it from Studio. If you need to switch it to Attended at the end, do so after development is complete.

Hi Anthony,

I created a work flow for adding items to queue and
Created a Robot of Studio type and run the work flow from Studio.

Its working, Queue items are added to Queue in Orchestrator.

My question is like Should I Create Robot of type Attended or UnAttended Robot.
Is it Compulsarily to Create Attended or UnAttended Robot.

Thank u.

It depends on your needs. If the bot requires human interaction, attended is best. Otherwise, use unattended.

Alternatively, if you do not plan to schedule the bot to run and are ok with executing it manually, you can use attended. Since you get 2 attended licenses with the Community edition, it may be more advantageous from a resource perspective to use attended if possible.

Thank you Anthony.

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