Queue Triggers not working on Cloud orchestrator


For some reason,
The automatic queue trigger is not working in my cloud orchestrator.

I double-checked and both triggers (schedule and queue) have the same configuration.
Because of that, as a workaround, I disable it and replaced with schedule triggers which are working fine.

Any idea why this issue is happening, is there any configuration besides enabling that I am missing?

Thank you very much,
Octavio Elliot

Hi @octavioelliot

Generally it takes about Maximum of 30 minutes for queue triggers to work. That can be configured or decreased if needed from orchestrator config files. - This is applicable to On Prem not cloud (On changing the time)

Thanks @postwick


That’s not correct. They immediately detect a queue item being added and immediately start the job.

The 30 minute polling is when you have things still sitting in the queue (because your automation faulted). For example, you have a queue trigger to start one job when one item is added, and you add 10 items. It starts the job immediately. Part way through processing, your job faults and leaves 5 items still new in the queue. This is when the polling is relevant. Next time it polls it’ll see that there are still new items in the queue and start a job.

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Hi @postwick

Thanks for correcting. But we observed similar behavior in our orch as well where initially when created the bot started with a delay. But Yes I do agree with you on this

If you add a trigger when items are already present as well we saw similar scenario , so before confirming its not working its worth checking for the max time


They’re on cloud Orchestrator so the polling interval is 30 minutes and cannot be changed.

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It seems the issue was related to the process.

Not sure why but after creating a new process from the same package the trigger worked normally.

Thank you all for the support,

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