Multiple jobs starting from queue trigger


I have an issue where two jobs are starting, even though my Orchestrator queue triggers are set to only do one job if it has less than 25 queue items. I had this happen to two separate processes at the same time. Does anyone know why that would happen if I have my settings set like this? Each process did not have more than 25 new items.

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I don’t really have a good answer for you, but:

Where do you read the number of new/remaining queue items?
The overview in the Queues-section of the orchestrator is a bit slow to update.
Remaining items could read as 12 when it was actually 60 if the dispatcher recently finished.

Hello @sven.wullum1 and thank you for the reply.

The new queue items are coming from the “Queues” section with the name of the queue with items being added to it. I don’t think the “slow update” is the issue, because the total items added to queue was 19, and another job is only supposed to fire up if it goes over 25 items.


Just a shot in the dark.
I’ve also noticed that sometimes the orchestator thinks that items that are in progess are new items and will start triggers that are queue based.

If no one has a good answer for you, you could raise a support ticket with UiPath.
If you do please update the thread with what you found out.

Thank you for the suggestion. I will see what happens today and open a ticket. I’ll post a reply when I have an answer.

Hmm, weird. The issue did not happen today.

Didn’t happen yesterday, but it happened today lol… UiPath ticket is submitted.

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Hi @Josh_James!

Did you get any update to this from UiPath or did you solve this some other way? I have this weird problem also, with Cloud Orchestrator.

Hello @EevaHanninen - No, I was never given a solution. It just stopped happening. I have not had this happen since I opened the ticket. I’m not sure how it “fixed” itself.

Okay, interesting… I just configured those trigger queues few hours ago, so I’ll wait and hope it will be fixed by itself. Thanks for the reply!

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