Queue Trigger Stays Pending

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I’m currently working on a Project which a developed with the Dispatcher - Performer model. I already finished the processes and upload them to orchestrator. The performer should start instantly when a new queue Item is added, but the thing is thet is not starting, it stays pending… as you can see in the image.

Why is this? and how can i solve it?

Hi @Luis_Fernando,

Can you also share the trigger details?


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Hey @Luis_Fernando,

You moght be using a single unattended robot to run both the processes, so if one process is running for that robot 2 will go into the queue means in the pending state and once the first process dispatcher would be completed the Performer status would be changed to Running.

To run bot the process concurrently better to have two different robot 1 for dispatcher and 1 for performer.

Both the R1 and R2 should have the different user profile.


Indeed as i know i install two different robots, 1 dispatcher and 1 performer. I don’t know if i understood you well then.

Just asking for control purposes :slight_smile:. Are you sure there is an unattended robot under this folder? Robots will wait for items until they are available.


How can i check that? I was also thinking about that, but why would the orchestator let me upload the robor then?

The main problem here, I think, may be the installation of robots. I am sharing some links. You can check and make sure you followed the steps correctly.

You can check the status of your robots in the tenant> license area.


I do not know your folder structure, but be sure to add your licensed unattended robot under the relevant folder.

Exactly, I’ve seen that i do have a license available of runtime but it’s available on another folder. I’m trying to see how i can enable that permission to the folder I’m working on. look

This is the Shared folder, instead of the Operations one, so i want to use this Runtime in the “Operaciones” folder.

That’s the thing, I already added machines and users to the folder

Do you still have the same problem when you try again?

Yes, I actually changed the process to another folder which shows that i do have 1 runtime available and 1 connected, and still the job keep staying in pending.

Does any of this warnings has to be with the pending issue?

“Package Requirements” or “19.9 version”

Hi @Luis_Fernando

Kindly check your bot is using correct user name and password?

And also check that machine has assigned license?

Muthu G

Hello @muthuraman.g

How do I check that?

Hello @Luis_Fernando

i) Check the unattended is free or not.

ii) you can navigate to below path and find.

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Is R1 and R2 configured with the same machine?