My Queue Trigger / Job stays pending

Hello Developers
I’ve been fighting for days with orhestrator trying to find the solution to this problem.
I have a project with a Dispatcher and a Performer, and the performer is triggerd with a Queue trigger, the thing is that the Job stays pending for ever, and i dont know the reason why. I’ve tried with two machines to check if the problem persists and indeed. I’m pretty sure that the problem has to be with something of the configuration of the account or the machine or the users, but well… I dont know which one it is.
On one of the Orchestrator a try when the Job Trigger i can see this warning

So it seems that on this orchestrator the problem is the “account credentials”
But on my friends orchestrator (where the actual project is) it doesn’t shows the same warning, but it does stays in pending

what is confuse me is that any of the fields like “Robot , Account, Enviroment” are filled in even though the folder has all this properties.
And if i click the process to run from de Assistant it runs just fine.

I’m not an expert in Orchestrator as you might already saw, but I’ve seen so much videos and ask so many people and haven’t found a solution.

Please help me solve this challenge. Once i know the reason why it will unlock a whole new perspective for me that will be very usefull for me expertise.

If you’d like to see more about this issue you can check this other topic i made Queue Trigger Stays Pending

Thank you for your attention.

Hey @Luis_Fernando

Usually, this error occurs because of one of the following reasons.

  1. UnAttended Robot license not available

  2. UnAttended Robot not available

  3. UnAttended Robot configuration error like creds not provided

  4. UnAttended Robot not assigned to a specific folder

  5. If all the above is good, then the UnAttended Robot may be installed as User Mode in the machine (Least possible in this case)

Kindly check one by one with top to bottom priority preference.

If you need any help or clarification in any of these steps please let us know.

Hope this helps.



When you talk about credentials what do you mean?

In all the videos and courses i’ve saw I have never seen nothing about credentials. What are they for?

Hey @Luis_Fernando

It’s about the robot configuration you do in the orchestrator!

The robot which is Un-Attended should have the creds configured.


@Luis_Fernando i hop now its working for your right ?

Yes it is.

sorry for the delayed responses

pls check robot credentials and VM login credentials should be same.