Process in Pending state in orchestrator post upgrade to studio version 21.4.5


I am facing an issue where the performer bot goes in the pending status instead of running without issues

  • Bot set up consists of “Dispatcher” and “Performer”
  • Dispatcher bot after uploading workitems to the queue uses “Start Job” activity to trigger the “Performer” bot

Issue is observed since the time I have updated the enterprise studio from version 2020.10.2 to 21.4.5
Issue : “Start Job” activity with the process name is not working as intended and goes into “Pending” state
Analysis: Before the upgrade the bot used to work fine. Dispatcher use to dispatch the records to queue and “Start Job” activity used to trigger the performer process deployed in the orchestrator

Currently, I also understand that possible solution is to get the “Performer” bot triggered based on the Queue trigger.

However, alternative approach or solution to get the bot working with “Start Job” activity will be helpful


@Sachin_Hatikankan May I know why you are not using Queue based trigger

Queue based trigger I have not implemented yet as “Start Job” activity has so far been helpful to start my “Performer” bot without any dependency on orchestrator queue trigger

I also wanted to analyse what is missing here since the upgrade to be better informed on the root cause and to apply a proper fix instead of implementing another approach

Also the Performer bot was getting triggered without any issue in the orchestrator before the upgrade.

@Sachin_Hatikankan Try this. Give some delay(10 sec may be) and then use Start Job activity. I am thinking Start job is trying to start the job when the dispatcher is still running so that is why the Job is going to pending state