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Hi, i notice that queue trigger only starts when new items are added to a queue.
And that if the process is stopped, and there are still new items, it won’t automatically starts again.

What should i do if i want the robot to starts the process when there are new items in queue/still in queue?
There might be times where the process is stopped maybe due to time or stop signal. but it should resume the process back



Check for the below three options are handled according to you requirements

There are three options that help you parameterize the rules for process triggering:

Minimum number of items to trigger the first job The item-processing job is only started after the targeted queue has at least this number of new items.
Deferred queue items are not counted.
Maximum number of pending and running jobs allowed simultaneously The maximum number of allowed pending and running jobs, counted together.
For 2 or more jobs allowed simultaneously, the third option needs to be defined as described below.
Another job is triggered for each __ new item(s). A new job is triggered for each number of new items added on top of the number of items defined for the first option.
Only enabled if there are 2 or more jobs allowed simultaneously (defined using the option described above).

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As the name suggests, process will be triggered if atleast one item is added to the queue.

You need to handle this in your code. At the end of the execution, check whether any items found with New state. If yes then loop it back and to start processing it else not.

BOT stopped due to any unexpected error then you need to execute the job manually to process remaining Queue Items whose status is New.

Hi, the only way is to trigger manually if there are remaining new items?


May I know how many Performer BOTs are you triggering in your process ?

If you are using single BOT then you need to manually run the job through Jobs page if it is failed due to any unexpected error. In case you are using Multi BOT then if one BOT failed also then other BOT will pick the transaction item and will process it but make sure your code should check any items with New state at end of the process.

1 performer bot. If the stop time reached, process will end, and resume on the next day which the times are configured. The performer should keep checking on the queue items and run, but if the time is beyond the configured it ends the process instead. However if it is within, then it should get transaction and proceed?


By default, BOT will check for every 30 mins if any items are there in the queue to process. If any items found with status New or Retried then it will process else not.

If you enabled Disable Trigger option in Queue Trigger then it will check within that time for new items. After that you want to process any items then you need to execute the job manually.

I see thanks

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If you are using an on-premise orchestrator you can re-configure the value to sufficient duration which may be less than 30mins like 5 or 10 as required.


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