Can we retry business exception in queue after it being failed?

after correcting the business logic,can we again retry in that same queue or we have to make another queue and try in that one?or can we use assign to others and retry in same queue after correcting the business problem?

Hi @ydash999,

You can set how many times you want it to repeat while creating the queue.


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With Re framework we cannot do that. May be you can update reframework flows similar to application exception in the business exception flow and retry business exception

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This retry only happens for application exceptions

If you want you can manage this in REF. I think you want both a business exception item and a new item to be added again. For this, you can add to the queue again in the set status.


This can be done if set transaction status is not used when exception occurs
Instead try to re use queue items by keeping that in In Progress itself

Then you can postpone and make it or use it as a new queue item

Have a view on this thread with similar scenario

Cheers @ydash999

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have a look on the following ORC Rest Api Endpoint

It is the equivalent when we do within ORC following on an queue item failed with a business exception


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I am not using re.i just want to retry from queue if it failed.tnankss

Thanksss all :blush::pray:

I didn’t get that bro

Can we make the review status and retry ?

lets assume you have a queue item failed by a business exception

In orchestrator:

  • navogate to work queue
  • view transactions
  • select the specific queue item
  • click on the menu dots from item (similar to the screenshot from above)
  • select retry item

the same we can do with a call using the Orchestrator Rest API by the above mentioned endpoint

Can we retry them directly from queue? Or first we have to review it by assign it to a reviewer?

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Yah I got it now bro that is related to rest API end point :metal::blush:.but cn we directly retry from queue or we have to assign it to reviewer first then we can do?

click in Orchestrator, we can do it directly

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If it is in in progress then we can process it directly right? Why we need to postpone bro to mke it new

Yah got your point now. but we got to have the orchestrator access for that right?

when your bot can interact with the Queue then access should be already given.

We would recommend to explore more in detail the provided approach. Also you can check wha is done behind the scenes when using the browser f12 Web tools and enable network analysis. So you can check what is sent and received to/from the API.

Just take your time to explore it

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I mean everyone doesn’t have access to edit queue in an how can we directly edit it and retry? It is only the admin who can do or assign us ,then we can retry right?