Queue Items

Hello There,

    ***The setup:***
    I have a process to connect to various websites and download the content.
    I am adding the list of website to the Queue as each transaction item.
    And I am **initiating 3 robots** to process all the items in the queue.

    ***The Logic:***
    I have written the code accordingly. i.e pick one item from the queue and process.
    However at the end of the process, I have a piece of code to send an email for the summary of process.

   ***The Problem:***
   After all the items in the queue are processed, the code to sent the summary mail is executed in all 3 bots and i am receiving 3 emails at the end of the process.
   What is the best way to restrict the email code to be executed in only one bot that to in the bot which processed the last transaction item.

Naresh Viriyala.

@NareshViriyala After getting transaction activity, then use get queue items with new and check the count, if count is “zero” then set the Boolean variable value to True, you have to make sure above condition is executed when transaction variable is not nothing(Check below screenshot) with new if condition. If Boolean variable value is true then only send the mail otherwise don’t send.

You can try this as temporary solution.