Send a single excel report at the end of process

HI There,

there are three performer bots which pick items from the queue and process them one by one. when all bots performed, excel report stored at network shared folder.
Now we need to send a final excel report via email by one bot which was
performed at the last.

Thanks in Advance.

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Hey @Maax

Good to see you here.

The performer bot may check if the queue still has any in-progress items at the end.

If yes, then there is some other bot still processing the items.

The bot which finds no other in-progress items in the queue will send the final report.

Hope this helps


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Thanks Nithin for Quick response.

You mean i have to use get Queue items activity??
Could you please explain brief where I will implement this, and how.

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Sorry @Maax, I should have done that on the #1 post

Yep, you need to use get queue items by choosing QueueItemStates as inprogress and other properties as per your need.


And more importantly Iā€™m assuming you are going to perform this step only at the last transaction so that there wont be any new items left in the queue. Only then this works.


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