Queue items are not adding to orchestrator API v2017.1

I am trying to add queue items to orchestrator using orchestrator API, but it is not adding. The same code i try with v2016.2 it was working properly, why it is not working with newer version, is there any change in new version…?

You can find the current API documentation here.
Did you create a queue with “unique reference”? Then you have to add an unique reference to each QueueItem.

Thanks for the reply.!
I have created queue without unique reference, also in that documentation while authenticating it’s showing as internal server.

why it is that?


authentication works fine for me. Could you check your credentials for a typo?
Error 500 is also shown for wrong username or passwords

Credentials are right. I think URL needs to be edited. Do you know how to edit in URL in here…?

I think that isn’t possible. But you could try to verify your login at https://platform.uipath.com.
If you want to use another host you could install cURL and copy / edit the generated command. Or you can use a graphical tool like Insomnia