Reference (unique value) in the queue is not working for postponed items


I have a problem with Orchestrator version: 2017.1.6547.

Reference number in the queue is set to unique, and its working fine I cannot add the same number for the second time, to the same queue.

Unfortunately its not working pretty good for postponed items, i am able to add item with same reference number to the same queue 3 or more times. Please take a look on the attached screenshot.

Do you have any ideas why it is happening ?


I tested this on my end in version 2018.4.3 and received a Duplicate Reference Error.

Here is a snippet of code used to test:

Maybe it’s a bug in 2017? You might want to upgrade though, because 2017 had many problems and 2018 or 2019 has cool features.

To identify any problems on your end, I suppose we would need to see some of your code. A possible workaround would be to check if the reference already exists in the Queue before adding it, which you should do anyway probably.


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@ClaytonM Thank you for yours fast response !

Unfortunately its client orchestrator so i cannot do any updates.
Here is the code that i’m using right now, just for testing purposes and as you can see its not giving any error message - after execution i’m able to see two items in the queue with same reference number

How to check if reference already exist in the queue ?



So, basically,
—Get Queue Items
—Check if any items with the same reference is in the queueitems enumerable (i used .net linq)
------then Add the item as desired
------I also used a counter so I could Log how many items out of all the items were dispatched (this is probably optional)


Unfortunately i have never heard about activity ‘Get Queue item’, we are using old UiPath Studio version and as i can see this activity is available starting with v2018.1.

Do you have any other ideas how to get items from the queue without changing their statuses ?

Available Queue activities in our version:

No idea, but I’m fairly new to using Queues. I suppose you could use API, except it complicates it.

2017 version has many issues. If you are on Enterprise, you should push to get upgraded for sure; it will fix more problems than cause. If you are on Community, then upgrade should be free I believe.