Orchestrator Queues : Duplicates references with Unique References = Yes


We have a strange issue on our Orchestrator.
We have created a new Queue with Unique Reference = Yes.
On Studio, we have created a new workflow, with one Activity : add queue item, with reference = “test”

If we run several times this workfow, the add queue item runs perfectlu and add several transactions with the same reference key.

We attempt to see here an exception. Is it normal ?

UiPath 2017.1.6547

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Hi @fahuet

This is strange and is most likely a bug if everything is properly configured. Could you contact our support to help us track this issue?

I tested it on the latest 2019.2 and it works as expected, throwing an exception:

This is how my activity looks like:

And this is how it looks for me in the Orchestrator:

On top, this is our official documentation that confirms the behaviour should be correct on 2017.1:


Thank you for your answer.
We have several issues with Orchestrator 2017.1.6547.
We cannot upgrade it yet (we are dev team, and we didn’t have any hand on servers).

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In that case, please contact our Technical Support to tackle this issue. It might be the best course of action.

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