Queue Item data

Want to know in which format “queue item data” is stored in sql db and in which table? Can someone assist me as i want to get the data for audit purpose.

Go to the QueueItems table in your Orchestrator database. The SpecificData column contains the queue item data in json format.

may i request you to share the screenshot of that table in db.

I can’t show you our actual data per company policy but here are the fields in the table:

SELECT TOP (1000) [Id]
  FROM [ORCHESTRATOR].[dbo].[QueueItems] 

If you have any specific questions I can try to help but I can’t show you our data.

thank you Daniel for helping me. Just want to know when we add the data to queue using add queue item activity, How exactly it gets stored in “SpecificData” Column. Could you please share an example for this scenario. Don’t show the data but give me an example based on your data. For example : we are adding name : mahendra , Age : 28, Role: RPA developer, so how will be this data added in the SpecificData column?

{"DynamicProperties":{"name":"mahendra","Age":28,"Role":"RPA developer"}}

This assumes Age is a numerical type. If instead you passed it in as a string then there would be quotes around 28.

does it store data in valid json format?

Yes, this is valid json.

thank you daniel

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