How to Get Queue Item data without changing status


Is there a way to get specific queue data using “Get Queue Items” without changing the status in in the Queue?

I’m trying to match data between queue A and queue B in Orchestrator. I have a unique Reference & if there’s a match, I’d like to retrieve the Specific Data.

When I do this using Get Queue Item / transaction item, it works, but it also changes the status in the table I’m getting the data from, which i don’t want. When i use “Get Queue Items” I can see the specific data within the Debug> Locals panel (variable type IEnumerable), but i can’t seem to access or convert the specific content of the required column to string using queueItem.SpecificContent(“ColumnName”).toString


Get queue items provides collection of queue items as output. So you can use for each to loop one by one queue item and get data using queueItem.SpecificContent(“ColumnName”).toString.

Or queueitems(0).SpecificContent(“ColumnName”).toString (If there is only one value)


Thank you but is there a way to do it without a loop as there only ever be only queue item that matches the unique reference?

One option, when reference is known:

other Option: filter with LINQ

Assing Acitvity
myPossibleQueueItem =

YourOutVarFromGetQueueItemsVar.Where(Function (x) x.Reference.Equals(YOURREFERENCE)).FirstOrDefault

if Activity
Comdition: Not isNothing(myPossibleQueueItem )
Then: myPossibleQueueItem.Reference

Thank you. I’ve tried to implement however I’m receiving an error advising that “SpecificContent is not a member of System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable(Of UiPath.Core.QueueItem)”

Is there something else i can use to access the column data within the queue item outside a loop?

Thanks @ppr

The reference is known so within Get Queue items I have passed the known reference within ‘Get Queue items’ property reference to enable me to locate the unique reference in the other queue. The issue i’m having is returning the column information from the queue item. As the output from Get Queue item is of type System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable(Of UiPath.Core.QueueItem), i’m recieving the error "SpecificContent is not a member of System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable(Of UiPath.Core.QueueItem)”

Is there another way to directly assign the Specific content directly to a string variable without looping?


tried this?


Ah apologies! I must have had a typo the first time i tried this. Its working perfectly now. Thank you for your help

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