Add queue items with database activities


I was trying to see if there is a way to make an INSERT to QueueItems Table On Orchestrator. And I’ve made it.

When I search My Queue into Orchestrator Is showing me that there is the quantity of items that i’ve uploaded.

The problem is. When I want to see the transactions, I mean each item of my queue, I cannot see the items. So, my question is.

If I can see the items into the orchestrator database, if I can see the quantity of items in the dashboard. Why I can’t see the each item into the queue? Maybee there is another table that has to be updated?

@KevinDS Can you explain the problem with a screenshot?

Yes @supermanPunch

I’m doing an insert just into QueueItems Table, maybe there is another table that shows the items into orchestrator and I need to insert something there but this is just hypothetically speaking i’m not sure

@KevinDS This is a bit scary :sweat_smile:

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@KevinDS The items you are inserting from Add queue and From SQL directly are the same data items?

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hi @supermanPunch

Acctually no. The data you have to insert into SQL database is not the same, is more information. In SQL we have to insert some item by default and other like nulls because the orchestrator triggers some registers but if there is something missing the SQL tells when something’s wrong and never insert anything. But I made it, so maybe there is some other tables that allows Orchestrator to visualize each item. But again, I don’t know for sure.

Hi @KevinDS,

I think DB Insert is not a good idea, why do you prefer that way?

There is a specific activity for that, “Add Queue Item”. Also if you want to add an item from 3rd party or somewhere else, you can use Orchestrator API.


@KevinDS , can you please tell me how you inserted your items into the orchestrator databse directly?

Where exactly in the orchestrator database did you insert the data?

Thanks in award!

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