Split Specific Content of Queue item into different columns after downloading Queue Items

When I download The Queue Data from Orchestrator, I see excel with different columns like reference, Revision etc with a column Specific Data where all my actual data resides. This is in JSON structure. How to have all this data in excel with key as column names and the content in those respective columns.


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@GSR How did you send the Excel Data to Queue? As a String Variable?

@supermanPunch I am using Orchestrator API Calls to add the data to Queue.

Usually SpecificContent of a QueueItem is a dictionary, so you could loop it, iterate over its keys, etc …

For example:


Or we can either get the queue key and queue value and pass them to excel file

Cheers @GSR

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This is a good idea. However, if I loop like this, the transaction item is now longer in new status

Hi Palaniyappan,

What is the TypeArgument in the ForEach? I can’t make this work as SplitKeyValuePair requires KeyValuePair<String,String> and element wont work like this.

many thanks!